Kotchen & Low LLP is a civil litigation boutique. K&L aims to offer legal representation of the same high quality as big firms at lower rates, or through more flexible fee arrangements, including contingency fees. The firm’s founding partners met at a prestigious litigation firm where they gained litigation experience, and recognized each other’s talents and passion for plaintiffs’ litigation, leading them to start K&L together. Since its founding in 2008, K&L has recovered over $100 million for its clients.

Focus on results

Our firm has a record of success in litigation, recovering over $100 million for our clients.

Fee Arrangements

We offer a variety of fee arrangements, including contingency, hybrid, hourly, or fixed fees, depending on what suits you best.

Efficient & Effective

We strive to achieve complete client satisfaction through our commitment to efficient and effective representation.

Broad Experience

Our attorneys have experience in government, judicial clerkships, as in-house counsel, and in other law firms, providing balanced perspectives that help us better serve our clients.

Practice Areas

K&L specializes in civil litigation in federal courts across the country. We typically represent plaintiffs in class action or individual litigation against large corporations on behalf of employees, consumers, or small or medium-sized businesses. K&L has brought a number of class action employment discrimination cases, antitrust price-fixing cases, and suits against competitors for unfair trade practices, along with a variety of other commercial litigation cases.

Daniel Kotchen

Daniel Kotchen is a partner with Kotchen & Low LLP. His main practice areas include complex commercial litigation, counseling, and representing clients before governmental agencies.

Daniel Low

Daniel Low is a partner with Kotchen & Low LLP. His main practice areas are complex commercial litigation, including employment discrimination class actions and antitrust class actions.

Matthew Henken

Matthew Henken is a partner with Kotchen & Low LLP. His main practice areas include class actions, complex litigation, antitrust, and securities fraud. He has successfully litigated complex antitrust and securities fraud disputes, class actions, and other high-stakes commercial disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants in federal courts throughout the United States.

About K&L

Founded in 2008, Kotchen & Low LLP is a Washington, D.C.-based litigation boutique that has served as lead counsel in some of the largest and most complex lawsuits across the country involving up to billions of dollars in damages.

Firm Origins. The firm’s partners met at a top-ranked litigation firm where they worked closely together on complex commercial litigation matters representing both plaintiffs and defendants. They were impressed with the quality of each other’s work, and admired each other’s enthusiasm for high-stakes litigation. They reunited to form Kotchen & Low LLP to represent plaintiffs in high-stakes litigation, with the goal of providing clients with the best legal representation they could deliver.