About Us

Founded in 2008, Kotchen & Low LLP is a Washington, D.C.-based litigation boutique that has served as lead counsel in some of the largest and most complex lawsuits across the country involving up to billions of dollars in damages.

Firm Origins. The firm’s partners met at a top-ranked litigation firm where they worked closely together on complex commercial litigation matters representing both plaintiffs and defendants. They were impressed with the quality of each other’s work, and admired each other’s enthusiasm for high-stakes litigation. They reunited to form Kotchen & Low LLP to represent plaintiffs in high-stakes litigation, with the goal of providing clients with the best legal representation they could deliver.

Firm Offerings. Kotchen & Low LLP is a law firm dedicated to providing the highest caliber legal representation. We offer the following:

Focus on results. Our small firm has obtained verdicts and settlements totaling over $100 million on behalf of our clients.  Before forming Kotchen & Low LLP, our attorneys have represented plaintiffs in cases settling for more than $4 billion, and successfully defended against claims for over $1 billion.

Flexible fee arrangements.  We specialize in representing employees, consumers, and small businesses, and offer a variety of fee arrangements to suit their needs, including contingency fees, hybrid fees, and fixed fees.  With contingency fees, clients don’t need to pay us any fees until we recover for them.  Some clients prefer our hybrid, fixed fee, or hourly fee arrangements.

Responsiveness: Clients receive consistent, timely communication and are kept current on developments both large and small in the matters on which we work.

Business acumen. With an MBA and experience working as in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 company, Mr. Kotchen offers business acumen and an understanding of the needs and operations of corporate legal departments.  Clients can and should expect the firm to have creative perspectives on issues grounded in solid business insights.

Effectiveness: Larger firms often delegate heavily to contract attorneys or junior associates who are prone to overlooking key documents or details, and are substantially less efficient because of their inexperience. By contrast, we aim to keep the lead trial attorney involved in all aspects of the litigation, including legal research and fact discovery.  Not only is this approach more cost-effective in the long run, but it helps ensure that the lead attorney has total command of the relevant law and facts.

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